Discover the Mediterranean, discover it’ss climate:

Near the sea every day is different, blue or green, mauve or turquoise depending on the sky and the sun. The days dazzle us with color and vitality. The sea breeze floods the coast with the aroma of seaweed, foam and salpeter. The Mediterranean region is all love for the ones lucky enough to live there. Calpe has 13 km. of coastline with coves and beaches to enjoy the sea. The beaches are excellent and qualified. In Calpe, Costa Blanca the coldness is a stranger that comes from time to time to visit, the sun leaves us even in December, still enjoying it’s warm glow while drinking coffee on a terrace. It happens very often that while in the rest of the country or Europe you can hardly leave the house, it is still exceptional here again.


penionThe symbol of the Costa Blanca in Calpe is the Penon de Ifach. This “mountain” is one of the smallest nature reserves in Spain, which you can climb daily from the port of Calpe. The rock has a height of 332 m. From the top you have one of the best views on the Costa Blanca, Benidorm to Javea.

The old Calpe is well worth it, with its many murals, narrow streets and quaint cafes. The Saturday market you should not miss: you will find both fruits and vegetables as all sorts of things such as clothing, leather goods, shoes, watches, textiles and small trinkets.

marktcalpeCalpe’s Levante Beach is one of the most famous beaches on the Mediterranean, overshadowed by the imposing Costa Blanca rock of Ifach. This beach has a promenade of about 2 km with bars and restaurants. Like the other beaches of Calpe’s Levante Beach, the “Blue Flag” qualification; This refers to the presentation and cleanliness. The promenade runs along the beach to the Calalga-villas followed a natural path leads to the Basetes port.


altea_vom_meerAltea is one of the most beautiful places on the Costa Blanca and is often called “the white city”.
The picturesque old town on the hillside with the striking church “Nuestra Señora del Consuelo” is for people in all countries, meeting in Altea. This town simply offers everything: narrow alleys, art shops, chic boutiques, flower-filled balconies, remarkably good and cozy restaurants, many bars and of course breathtaking views.
The numerous art galleries, the library, the many bands and of course the Palau Altea (Palace), which opens its doors for exhibitions, conferences, ballet, opera and theater performances, concerts and other performances at the highest level, prove that rightly Altea the title of “most beautiful place” has been given.
In Altea you will find both a super modern marina and long beaches, as well as the smaller recreational harbors and bays which offer extensive water sports.


guadalest_towerGuadalest, the ‘Eagle’s Nest’, is located about 25 km inland along the CV-70 road, just over half an hour from Calpe. This village is one of the most spectacular places in Spain, high up on a pinnacle and carved out of a mountain in the middle of a wonderful landscape. It has a population of only 200 inhabitants, but is still one of the most popular tourist attractions in Spain.
The journey to the interior of Altea is fascinating. If you always follow higher the winding road, past the picturesque village of Polop, you’ll end up high up in Guadalest to.

Guadalest was a Muslim military stronghold of great strategic importance. On the site there were a number of old castles whose ruins still exist today.
One of the most famous landmarks is the Peñon de la Alcalá tower. High above the village, he watches over the valley.



Mundomar is a theme park populated by dolphins,  Penguins, sea lions and many tropical birds. All animals live there life in an area almost identical to their natural habitat. A great day out for the kids.

The dolphin show is the highlight of the day. There are performances at 13h30 and 16h30.

Notwithstanding the animators of the shows speak Spanish and you may not always understand all the parrots have on rollerskates an unmissable spectacle. The sea lions and seals do their thing.
Away from the birds and the animals, there is also a children’s park with lots of slides and other entertainment. Also a range of cafes and restaurants for a welcome break are there en surely provide something for large and small.

Aqualandia is one of the largest water parks in Spain. It is located on the hills of Benidorm next to Mundomar. There is something for everyone, young and old. It really is a must. Please note to best plan this during the last days of your vacation because you’re very much in the sun which increases risk of heat stroke.


Then there’s also Terra Natura and Aqua Natura, and definitely not to be missed, Terra Mitica, a beautiful theme park where all the major attractions also “in miniature” are provided for the children. You can also even go on a safari or a visit to waterfalls, etc …

There is so much that we might need as many as 10 pages to get everything displayed …

All brochures are available in the appartments and we’re sure you’ll find something interesting to do.

Enjoy !